How much does the Inman Aligner cost?

Currently there are a number of modern alternatives to traditional braces such as invisible and lingual braces (braces put on the back of teeth), but all often require at least a 12-month commitment and most alternatives cost much more that the Inman Aligner.

Faced with these time-consuming choices, many adults decide on veneers instead, as they appear to be the most time-efficient alternative (although they do require a small amount of tooth surface to be removed), but the new procedure will now offer everyone more options. The Inman Aligner works best for mildly and moderately crowded front teeth, so not every patient is suitable, but it can also be used before veneers are placed on the teeth to quickly straighten them, which will mean much less tooth needs to be prepared than if the teeth were considerably crooked.

The Inman Aligner costs £1850

Works in only 4-16 weeks

Can be removed when you want


Now available in the UK

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