Why is the Inman Aligner so fast?

It uses a spring at the front and the back of the teeth putting constant light pressure on the teeth. They squeeze the teeth into alignment.

The Inman Aligner should be worn for 16 -20 hours each day for optimal results, and the one-piece brace can be removed if desired for photos or social events such as a party or wedding. It is removed when eating and cleaing your teeth. The more it is worn the quicker the teeth move.

The treatment can be completed in as little as four 15 minute appointments. The first visit is the consultation and records are taken to make the aligner. 10 days later the aligner is fitted. Then depending on how much you wear it only two adjustment appointments are needed.

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Works in only 4-16 weeks

Can be removed when you want


Now available in the UK

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Certified Inman Aligner UK Dentist